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Will My Property Get Damaged During a Roof Replacement?

will my property be damaged during roof replacement

Roof replacements are no small job. Therefore, use a contractor that will put their years of experience to work, in order to avoid damage.

These are some options you should discuss with your contractor in order to minimize damage to your property, during the roof installation.



Tarps are a common method used to protect your lawn and flower beds, the most common way is by attaching a tarp at an angle from your roof to the ground.  That way, any debris or material will slide down and away from your foliage.



Paved areas are the best place for contractors to park their cars. You can communicate this to your contractor. However, professional contractors will be careful to protect your property. Paved surfaces like your driveway can prevent lawn damage. This will ensure that your sprinkler systems and septic tanks as well as power lines are protected.


You can also take additional precautions. Here are 3 tips you can keep in mind.

  1. Protect Your Attic

A plastic cover or tarp can be used to protect your attic ceiling. This will catch any debris and make cleanup easy.

  1. Clearing up the area around your patio and deck

An additional step may be to ensure that everything is cleared out and moved from your deck and patio

If you require assistance contact your roofing consultant.

Plywood is commonly used as a means to cover windows where heavy falling debris is prone to happen.

  1. Preparing Your Landscape

Experts recommend trimming a low hanging tree over the any home. Additionally, it is a good idea to trim the grass one day before work starts. This will make cleanup easier but also our magnet nail and staple roller is able to be passed along in low grass to pickup all metal debris.

The bottom line

Roof replacements can be a significant investment, in protecting your home. You don’t want to cause additional damage to your home, since that could increase the cost of repairs. This investment, should be made with the intention of minimizing the damage to your property. Before you start, communicate your concerns with your roofing consultant. It is important to have a discussion about all the protection procedures involved. This is a sign that a skilled and professional roofing contractor has the needed experience. Once you have done all the research, you can now relax and let your beautiful new roof get installed. We hope that you enjoy your new roof for many more years!