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Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that receiving an estimate for roof repair can be a huge hassle even if your roof isn’t even close to having a full roof replacement. The most damaging thing you could do when your roof is leaking is to ignore the issue. Inaction can lead to water leaks in the roof.

So, whether you’re searching for estimates of the cost of repairs or are looking for an interim solution until a professional roofer can resolve the issue, Boss Roofing – Siding Experts is there for you. If you want to determine if we’re an ideal match for working together contact us to set up an appointment for an inspection.

Here are serveral answers to questions you may be asking yourself about roof repairs and installations:

How much does it cost for roof repair services to a leaky roof?

The cost of fixing a leaky roof is contingent on many aspects. The factors that determine this include the condition of your roof and the amount of roof that requires repair and the type of roofing material. For instance, your home has slate roofing, which is among the most costly roofing materials repair costs, it is also one of the most costly roof repairs.

However, asphalt roofing is quite common and is relatively cost-effective. However, the overall life span is smaller, which means that it is possible to have an entire roof replacement. Many times our customers find that it isn’t sensible to fix a roof that could last for a couple of years. It’s all about what is the most sensible option to you in the moment when the water leak first started.

Is a roofing system able to be fixed instead of being replaced?

Yes, roofs can be repaired even if small sections leak or are damaged. For instance, missing shingles are a prime example of the most frequent issues that require repairs to the roof. However, finding similar color shingles could be a little difficult. In this instance, you might be thinking about the aesthetics of your home or its value. If you are wondering how the repairs will look afterward from the street and you aren’t satisfied with the possible outcome. It might be a good idea to think about getting your roof replaced rather than it being repaired. This is something we see every day.

If you’d like to find out the possibility of your roof being repaired, give us a call or make an appointment today! We’d like to meet with you to determine if we are the ideal team to get the roof repair you’ve been looking for. The roof repairs are done for you.

Does homeowners insurance cover the cost of roof repair contractors in Illinois?

The cost of roof repairs may be covered under homeowner insurance in the event that the damage is not caused by a deliberate act. When you see signs of roof storm damages caused by natural disasters Your insurance provider can examine the life of the roof as well as the costs for repairs to your roof in Northern Illinois. If the expenses are less than your deductibles the insurance claim might be denied. This is the reason it’s always recommended that an expert roofer visit your property to review the options and provide a report based on the free inspection.

For instance, if there’s small damage and the repair costs for the roof do not meet the deductible amount, we will not recommend filing a claim as it will result in a negative outcome and we don’t want that for you.

How long will roofing repairs take?

Roof repairs last an extended time if done properly by hiring a knowledgeable and skilled roof repair contractor. It is important to point out that repairs will not last as long, in the event that the roof has exceeded its useful life. This is why it is crucial that you employ an expert in roofing who will offer custom solutions based on the type of roof and its age or condition that the roofing is in.

Do you want to replace or repair your roof?
Removing and replacing roofing is a choice that is dependent on your expectations as we discussed earlier. The lifespan is also important in this regard. For instance asphalt shingles last for up to 15-20 years. Therefore, if the asphalt roof requires repair and has also exceeded the 20-year mark, it is strongly recommended to have an entire roof replacement in order to avoid leaks due to old age.
Can you fix your own roof?
Yes and no, unless you’re a certified roofing contractor, you shouldn’t put people’s lives at risk or your own by trying to do a repair on a roof yourself. It is always recommended to call an experienced roof repair professional since they’ll likely give you a written guarantee and discuss options available for you. There is no need to be injured or spend time and money on poorly completed repairs.
How do I temporarily fix my roof?
There are a variety of ways to repair a roof for a short period. You may require access to roofing equipment and other materials. We recommend that you call Boss Roofing – Siding Experts if you require an emergency tarp, or if there is a leak in your roof right now. We’re here for you. We’re here to help you with all of your roof requirements.
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