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Preparing for a Roof Replacement

preparig for a roof replacement

After deciding to replace or repair your roof here are helpful tips to keep in mind before the job has begun.

Tips to make the roofing install easier on you:

Vehicles – If possible park your vehicles away from areas prone to falling debris. Keep in mind that it may be difficult to move your vehicles out of the garage once the job has started.


Scattered Items – Clear away any toys or big items if possible from your lawn. Roofers must be able access your roof from each of the four corners in order to safely get on your roof. If an item is too big too move we will protect it using a large tarp over the area.


Spotlights or Sprinklers – Point out any permanently mounted spotlights, or buried sprinkler systems to your roof consultant in order to let the crew know where to be extra careful.


Mowing The Grass -Fresh cut grass makes debris cleanup easier. For example, when using a rolling magnet, it is smoother to glide across the lawn making it seamless to pick up any metal debris.


Access Check – If you are planning on being absent, make sure to let your roofing consultant know how to enter locked gates or areas near your home that may be needed to access.


Large pets – Keep your pet safe by taking it for walks, instead of letting it loose into the back of the house. In order to avoid any accidents, maintain the pet within a secure area.


House preparation – Roofers will not need access to your home, they will be making noise on the roof. Please plan accordingly if you have little ones, scared pets or elderly family. Last but not least, make sure that anything breakable is safe away from ceiling walls, in case of heavy vibrations.


Kids Safety – It is best practice to keep your children inside the home until the roof replacement is fully cleaned up and complete.


Be a good neighbor – It’s a good idea to inform your neighbors about the roof replacement. It gives them a heads up regarding the noise and movement that will be happening in the neighborhood.


Congratulations! Now you have a better understanding on how to prepare for your roof replacement!